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Mom's Rising is one of the 160 groups in the coalition supporting Earned Sick Leave in Maryland. I was proud the "kids in capes" could join me in being a superhero for 750,000 Marylanders who deserve sick days!

Dear Friends, 

There are only two weeks left in the 2017 legislative session! This Monday marked Crossover day. This is the date by which each chamber must pass bills to be considered in the other chamber. In order for bills to become law, they must pass the same bill by the last day of session. After what has seemed like a whirlwind we have been able to make major headway on critical issues facing Marylanders. As you know, both the House and Senate passed versions of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (Earned Sick Leave), which I am proud to be the lead sponsor, but there are many other critical issues that have gained traction that need to be finalized in the final few days.

In the final days, we will work to finalize our bill to create a Pilot for the Creation of Adult High Schools which passed both the House and Senate unanimously, pass the final version of Earned Sick Leave, and balance the budget ensuring it is not done so on the backs of Baltimore students and citizens.  Bill to Watch that Crossed Over to the Senate - Fracking Ban - Fracking has been one of the top issues people have reached out to me about for the last several sessions. On March 10th, the House voted 97-40 to ban Oil and Natural Gas - Hydraulic Fracturing in Maryland. This bill transferred over to the Senate many thought would be a hard to pass. This week we were all shocked when the Governor came out in support of this ban. SB 740 was on the floor of the Senate this week and set for final passage early next week.  

Next Week - Tuesday, I will host one of my final new bill hearing of this legislative session, in the House Appropriations Committee for HB1619 Establishment of Maryland Stadium Authority - Maryland Sports and Affiliated Foundations. This would create an office known as Maryland Sports within the Maryland Stadium Authority. Maryland Sports would create a nonprofit program to bring regional, national, and international sporting events to the State to maximize utilization of sports facilities in the State, to enhance economic development, and to promote the State as a sporting events destination. This bill has already made great progress in the Senate and I are looking forward to leading this work in the House.

Cross Street Market -  We have received hundred of emails, postcards, and calls about the revitalization of Cross Street Market. You have likely already heard there is a new plan for renovations and new language regarding the liquor license. If you did not receive an email or see this information already you can read the full letter from the delegation here, which includes a link to the amendment language. We would love to hear your feedback.

We will keep you updated on sick leave and all the other critical issues we are working on as they develop. You can also track legislation throughout the 90-day legislative session here.  Please reach out to share your thoughts or questions at or 410-989-3876.




Visit us in Annapolis! If you are in Annapolis we love to see constituents, families, and school groups. You can always reach me at or call 410-841-3303. We hope to see you soon.


If you live in the 46th District and are interested in applying for a Legislative Scholarship for the 2017-18 academic year from my office, applications will be due on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Applications are now available. Please call or email my office and we will send you an application.   In the District

From Baltimore City Schools - Opportunities to Participate in Study to Consider School Zoning -  Baltimore City Public Schools is embarking on a study to consider ways that school zoning can be most effective for the district. The study will examine demographic, enrollment, and facility utilization data to determine the feasibility of rezoning approaches that may be available to the district. Please note that this study is not an actual rezoning of boundaries; it is a study to identify and assess the feasibility of potential options. For more information - or visit​

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