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District 46 Packed Town Hall

Dear Friends,

This week started with a standing room only crowd for our District 46 Team Town Hall. The engagement from constituents was an inspiring reminder of why we as a delegation are proud to serve the 46th District. The delegation previewed the legislative agenda for this session. If you were unable to join us or would like to learn more, you can view the slides here.

The fight for earned sick leave continued with testimony on the Healthy Working Families Act. We listened to the testimony of advocates and opponents in both the House Economic Matters Committee and the Senate Finance Committee. On Friday, I was joined by members of the Working Matters Coalition presenting testimony supporting HB 1. Both HB 1 and Governor Hogan's sick leave bill were being heard at the same time. As testimony progressed it became clear there was a contrast between the two bills.

As the media has captured and you can see from the graphic below the coverage and costs of the two bills differs greatly. 

In addition to fighting for earned sick leave, I rolled out several new pieces of legislation including HB 1381, a bill that would create an Adult High School Pilot Program. The Adult High School Bill is the culmination of a year-long task force on this important tool for helping people break the cycle of poverty.

We will keep you updated about the status and outcomes of the Healthy Working Families Act, the Adult High School Bill, and the rest of my legislative agenda as the session continues. You can also track legislation throughout the 90 day legislative session here.  

Please reach out to share your thoughts or questions at or 410- 841-3303.

Sincerely, Luke


Cross Street Market – This week the 46th Delegation Team issued a joint statement Team 46 released upon news of the deal’s end:

“Today, we learned the operators of the Cross Street Market have decided to unwind their partnership with the Baltimore Public Markets Corporation, ceasing ongoing management and planned renovations of the Market. Public private partnerships are often difficult, and this arrangement was no different. We believe the operators were proposing a bold vision that could have enhanced the surrounding communities and benefited the current merchants, but that vision was not universally shared. From the outset, we hoped that the operator, community members, and current merchants could reach a place of compromise that would ease community concerns and provide a pathway toward a renovated and revitalized Cross Street Market.

After hundreds of conversations with Market stakeholders and neighbors, we know the overwhelming majority of neighbors agree that something should be done to improve the Market’s infrastructure and offerings. The need for a unique liquor license for the newly-envisioned market was a critical piece for the project. We proposed a draft concept that attempted to incorporate the overwhelming feedback received from the community as well as the needs of the operator. Because the operators will not be moving forward, we will not be introducing a bill that includes language to create this new license.

It is unfortunate that concerns about the financial viability of the project moving forward did not fit within the operator’s vision and economic model. We are disappointed about this outcome, because the viability of a renovation at Cross Street Market of this nature is now in serious jeopardy.

We are thankful to all who engaged with us on this issue, and hope to see a renovated and revitalized Cross Street Market in the future.”

Additionally, please feel free to review a letter explaining our thinking on the issue that we sent to the community alongside the companion draft bill that was under consideration. As always please do not hesitate to follow-up with me if you have additional questions or thoughts.


BEC Rally for Education- We will see you in Annapolis for the Baltimore Education Coalition Rally for Education in Annapolis on Thursday, February 23. For more details about the Rally​


Visit us in Annapolis! If you are in Annapolis we love to see constituents, families, and school groups. You can always reach me at or call 410-841-3303. We hope to see you soon.


If you live in the 46th District and are interested in applying for a Legislative Scholarship for the 2017-18 academic year from my office, applications will be due on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Applications are now available. Please call or email my office and we will send you an application.  

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