Luke Clippinger is a native Baltimorean, a prosecutor who advocates for victims of crime, and a leader in the General Assembly.
Luke lives in the Riverside neighborhood in South Baltimore.  He grew up in Reservoir Hill, where his family were Homesteaders. In 1974, the Clippingers bought a house in Reservoir Hill for one dollar on the promise that they would live there and renovate and the property. Luke lived there growing up, and attended Baltimore City Public Schools from K to 12, graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (“Poly”) in 1990. After receiving a BA from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and a law degree from the University of Louisville, Luke returned home to Baltimore.

Luke works as an Assistant State's Attorney in Anne Arundel County, where he seeks justice for victims of domestic violence and property crimes. Luke’s work as an ASA has given him insight into what does and doesn’t work in the criminal justice system. As a delegate, Luke has used that knowledge to shield those who seek protective orders against abusers, to give law enforcement tools to stop the “straw purchase” of guns, and to increase penalties for part-time teachers who enter into sexual relationships with their students. In 2015, Luke Clippinger received the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault Visionary Award.

Luke now serves as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Previously, Luke was a member of the Economic Matters Committee (ECM). On ECM, Luke has led the way to expand opportunities for Marylanders to generate solar energy. He sponsored the Community Solar Pilot program which will allow over a million Maryland households to save money on their electricity bills by purchasing shares of solar arrays. This leadership was recognized by the Maryland/ DC/ Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association who gave Luke its Solar Champion award.
Luke has also been an advocate for working families. He is the lead sponsor of legislation that would allow Marylanders to earn sick leave so they don’t have to choose between the health of themselves or a family member and their job. He belongs to the Adult High School Task Force, a group that will create a curriculum and a path for adults to get high school diplomas.
From 2015 to 2018, Luke served as the Chair of the Democratic caucus in the House of Delegates. He was a German Marshall Fellow in 2012, chosen from leaders across the country to help deepen relationships with leaders in Europe.
Luke is a long-time member of Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, on Park Avenue in Baltimore, where he served as an Elder. 




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By Authority: Friends of Luke Clippinger, Melissa Evans, Treasurer.